Peking University Medical Press

Peking University Medical Press (PUMP), founded in August 1989, is a national specialized publishing house and key university press under Ministry of Education. The publisher prefix is ISBN 7-81034, 7-81071, 7-81116, and 7-5659.

The mission of PUMP is to publish high-quality works for medical and biological sciences. It has a wide range of publications, including medical textbooks, monographs, translations, reprints, dictionaries, atlases, supplementary medical course materials and popular scientific booklets. In the past more than 30 years from its establishment, PUMP has published more than 3,000 titles, with circulation over 18 million copies and reprinting rate over 50%. Its publications are well-known for their high quality, top grade and diversity, and have gained the press much social reputation. In 1995, PUMP was selected and established as “the Advanced University Publishing House” by Ministry of Education. It has been three times honoured as “the National Excellent Publishing House” by General Administration of Press and Publication and three times praised by Ministry of Health for outstanding achievements in publishing scientific and technological works.

PUMP is owned by Peking University Health Science Centre (PUHSC). The latter is the medical school of Peking University and one of the oldest and most prestigious medical institutions in China. Among all Chinese medical colleges, PUHSC has the largest number of scientific papers and the largest number of grants by the National Natural Sciences Foundation. The school possesses a large number of national areas of excellence, best hospitals and many leading physicians and scientists. Many physicians have had years of study and research or obtained postgraduate degrees in English speaking countries such as the UK and US. The large number of top physicians and researchers of PUHSC, who are conversant with the latest development in related fields, have become PUMP natural resources of authors and translators. The output from teaching, research and practice by the staff and students has been an important source of PUMP publication materials. And also, the physicians and students are a valuable group of readers. With this natural advantage, PUMP has achieved rapid development in the past 16 years. It has established a large network of authors and translators, composed of physicians and scientists throughout the country with those from PUHSC as the nucleus. In terms of the privilege of the backup of a medical university of this size and influence, PUMP is unmatched in China.

In recent years, PUMP has done much in international cooperation, getting actively involved in international copyright trade. PUMP has friendly cooperation with many foreign publishers, including Elsevier, Springer, Wolters Kluwer Health, McGraw-Hill, John Wiley, etc. In the past several years, PUMP has introduced many classic academic monographs and textbooks into China. More than 300 well known medical textbooks have been translated and published by PUMP, nearly 20 titles have won China Quality Translation Award. Most of these Chinese translations are well accepted by Chinese readers for their high quality.

PUMP is composed of Routine Office, Chief Editor Office, five Editorial Offices, three Publishing Centers, Multi-media Editorial Office, Quality Inspection Office, International Cooperation Department, Publishing Department, Marketing Department, Sales and Distribution Department, and Department of Customer Service.

Address: 38 Xueyuan Rd., Haidian District, Beijing 100191, P.R. China